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Thread: Quickie Cyclone Handcycle

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    Quickie Cyclone Handcycle

    I'm selling my Quickie Cyclone handcycle. I've enjoyed it very much, but can no longer find the time for it.

    The good thing about this handcycle is that it attaches to your existing chair. So no need to buy a separate handcycle. It transforms your everyday wheelchair into a high-performance handcycle. It attaches and detaches quickly and easily to most wheelchair makes and models.

    Weight: Approx. 25 lbs.

    Weight Capacity: 250 lbs.

    Gears: 3 speed

    Crank Height Approx 20 in.

    Front wheel: spoke 20 in, pneumatic road tire

    Accessories: Helmet

    Misc: Repair kit

    The condition is excellent. I'm willing to part with it for $500. I got it for about $1400 in 2006. Sunrise Medical no longer makes this model. I live in Portland, Oregon.

    If you have questions lemme know.


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    I'm surprised no one has expressed interest. Maybe I was asking too much. I'll take it down to $300.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steveinflorida View Post
    $250.00? 727-871-7934
    I can do it. You'll have to pay for shipping though. I need to check with USPS about it will cost to ship. Will call you when I find out. By the way, it comes with a bicycle helmet as well. I'll toss that in if you want it, but I need to know if you do. Thanks! (503) 213 3796.

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    Yea, I'll take the helmet please. Thanks
    Talk to you soon

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    Quote Originally Posted by steveinflorida View Post
    Yea, I'll take the helmet please. Thanks
    Talk to you soon
    Here the shipping/packing charges:
    $77 (UPS ground) + $50 (packing)

    If you want it insured, the shipping cost goes up to $142. I don't think you need it. Lemme know how you want to do it. (503) 213 3796

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    PM'd ya Rhythmic. Not trying to outbid or break this deal. Just getting in line if it falls through.


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    cyclone quickie hand cycle

    any chance that the sale of the hand cycle fell through, or that you are ready to pass it on 'Jimmy'???

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    Need a picture and How much


    I'm interested by Handcycle Cycl-One and I would like a pictures and what is the price


    I'm from Quebec city (Quebec) Canada

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