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Thread: ErgoMedic Cushion

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    ErgoMedic Cushion

    I recently bought an ErgoMedic cushion. Have been using it for 2 days, so far no AD sweats from pain and my little breakdown that has been an ongoing pita for the last 4 yrs. is nearly gone.

    Alain, came out last week to pressure map me, found the trouble spot, had the custom cushion ready the following week. I got on it with pressure map and the area is now pressure free. It is thicker than my Roho so my chair needed tweaking but now I am sitting up with much better posture. I sat slouched to try to alleviate some pressure and for balance but this cushion seems to help my balance and posture a bit as well.

    It is a bit pricey for my budget but our health and quality of daily life is worth every cent. I paid $725. out of pocket, this was including extra cushion cover ($75).
    He gives you the invoice for you to possibly have insurance cover it to you. I'm going to submit but my insurance recently paid for a new roho.

    I'm very hopeful this will resolve my skin issues. After having chemo my skin issue worsened. I would be up 2 weeks then down 2-4 days to heal,,,vicious cycle. I will keep you posted since it is new to me but I am ecstatic with it at the moment, had to share.
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    Glad to hear you found a cushion that's working well! I use a ROHO and always worry if there's not enough or too much air. I would love to find a cushion without air that would work for my bony butt. Better posture and stability are 2 things I need help with too.

    I'm going to give them a call. Thanks for the information!
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    yea, i have an ergomedic , .....ive had it for 6 years....never have had 1 single skin issue !....i move alot so it helps, but even at the beginning when i was pretty bad, no problems.....u should be ok with it.....

    ur post should be moved since your not buying/selling..
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