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Thread: Internal rectal lump??? Digital stimulation overload?

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    Internal rectal lump??? Digital stimulation overload?

    Hi, I am a new member. I am a para of 18 years and have been doing digital stimulation forever. I eat lots of protein and fiber and for the past several months I have to go do a BP twice a day. I have had lots of hemorrhoids but just use PepH. Two days ago while doing my digital stimulation I felt a large (smaller than a golf ball) lump inside my rectum. It is starting to affect me producing stool. Could it be a internal hemorrhoid? I am sick of doctors looking at my privates so I dread going to my physician. Also I am leaving to go on vaca with my family next week and hate to go with this issue.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I had something similar, but not nearly as big. The doctor removed most of it. It was a polyp. He sent it to the lab and results showed a simple benign growth.
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    you proly should get your bum checked out. early detection is what promotes long life. sure it a pain in the but to see the doc about it, but do anyway. lumps are not to be ignored.
    best of luck, and please update this post, so that others who may be having a similar issue can know the results of your findings.

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    It could easily be an internal hemorrhoid. But, you do need to get it checked out. Call your doc and get it checked out. It will ease your mind and also might make you feel better.


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    Welcome to CC. Good luck with your problem.
    Come back & let us know you're alright.
    Have a great vacation. Mona

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    Mona is absolutely right- let us know that you are ok.

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