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Thread: Concerned about mitrofanoff

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    Concerned about mitrofanoff

    As an RN I'm embarrassed to say I have great difficulty cathing myself. For the past nine months, I've had an indwelling catheter that I change every other week. I've made an appointment with a urologist to see about a mitrofanoff because I'm concerned about the incidence of bladder cancer. I'm wondering about the rate of complications for this procedure.

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    You shouldn't be embarrassed - it is very different to change a catheter on someone versus yourself. You are in a different role here.

    That being said, there are a ton of threads on this procedure. It is major surgery, so does have the risks that go with that. However, I do not think that anyone who has posted here regrets it. Go to your surgeon with as many questions as possible and I am sure that others who have had this procedure will also post. It is much more powerful coming from them.


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