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Thread: Working out Math as a Quad:

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    Question Working out Math as a Quad:

    Hello everyone!

    For those, quadriplegics, who find writing too time consuming and messy, AND who are pursuing higher education, how is math done?

    Going to take the GRE? Need practice? Taking a math course?

    What I found out this far:

    So far, I was introduced to Dragon and the Microsoft Word math equation insertions. Also, the shape insertions (cylinders, cubes, etc.). But how are you supposed to do math if entering numbers has to be done in particular spots, (in division for example)?

    This is the second software, or sets of softwares (have not purchased/tried):

    It is assumed a calculator will be used, but again, what if "solving by hand" is necessary for the GRE/preparing for it, but the writing isn't legible/takes too long?

    If anyone has tried those softwares, or knows other ways of doing math calculator free, do share, please.Halarious smilies!

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    I've used a piece of software called "Math Talk" which couples with another program called "Scientific Notebook". This has a lot of capabilities for typing out any equation completely by voice. If you have any use of the mouse, this can make it a little faster. I'm not going to say that Math Talk makes doing math in the computer just as fast as an able-bodied who is writing on paper, but it definitely makes it possible!

    I didn't have it during my undergrad, but I used it for a couple of graduate chemical engineering courses.

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    I may have read this too quickly the first time. I hope this isn't just a blatant advertisement for Math Magic.

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    Mathematica is an insanely powerful tool for higher maths. Even linear algebra, and multi-variable calculus.

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    I agree with the above statement. Mathematica is pretty expensive, but it can do EVERYTHING.

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    I will research those softwares. And no, haha, no advertisement. Should I take this as a hint and become an advertiser?

    Thank you Captain & Crazyskiier.

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    You might try reading up on methods of doing calculations in your head:

    Mathemagics: How to Look Like a Genius Without Really Trying
    Secrets of Mental Math: The Mathemagician's Guide to Lightning Calculation and Amazing Math Tricks

    (Some of the "math secrets" are really just parlor tricks, but some may prove useful.)

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    Very clever, Wow! Thank you too!

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