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Thread: Best exercises for paralysis to burn fat

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    Best exercises for paralysis to burn fat

    I need to drop a considerable amount of weight. Diet wise Im probably gonna use a keto low carb diet but i need some exerices that really get my heart rate up there. I've used the arm cycle machines and the free weights but thats not getting it for me. I need some ideas for some real fat burning exercises..

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    Can you flip over and do what you can of a push-up? I find that ALWAYS works.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lynnifer View Post
    Can you flip over and do what you can of a push-up? I find that ALWAYS works.

    thats a little too high impact. I can't see maintaining that for 30 mins. I'm thinking of going up and down a ramp for 30 mins to an hour daily.

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    Eat less exercise more. It's just not about exercising but exercising correctly. You want to get that heartrate up into but not past the fatburning stage. Here's a site to figure out your H/R. You also might invest in a heart rate monitor to ensure you are training in the proper zone.

    Lynnifer is right,You're a T/6 you should be doing some pushups, not for thirty minutes but ya should be doing some to at least loosen up the shoulders.

    Hills forwards and backwards are a great fatburner. It will hurt and be ackward at first but you'll see the rewards quickly. Get into a gym with a trainer to help you with form and function to get stronger and knock off thse lbs. I have had one for years and it is unbelievable how much better in shape I am with his guidance. Any chance of getting hooked up with an fes cycle at a rehab or hosp?

    Don't get too hard on yourself, it has taken a while to get in the shape you are in now so it will take some time to get the results you are striving for. It starts with the first pushing away from the dinner table and going for a wheel instead. Treat it as a game or challenge. Exercise is fun and is needed for us to stay strong enough to drag our sorry asses thru life.

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    What works for me is working out on a good handbike at the gym for 20 minutes doing Interval training. Interval training is like when you go up a hill on a handbike outside, then back down, and up again. I do 15 minutes at a good pace and I make sure my heart rate is between the right level. Patrick Madsen is also right with hooking up with a trainer. Muscle training is a great way to burn fat. I've been working out at a gym for the past 6 months and I've lost almost all of the excess fat that I had on my body and gained a lot of muscle. Don't get discouraged when you reach a plateau because it willl happen. I was in a plateau for 2 months and I recently just starting increasing my weight limits. If you have trouble exercising listen to music with a rythme/beat. Good Luck!!
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    Hi Eric, I sent you a PM...hope you don't mind.
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    Here's another site with a chart on heart rate intensity.

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    My personal opinion is a keto diet is BAD you loose water weight mostly. Carbs hold water and help push water and nutrients into your muscles. A more healthy fat striping diet is with keeping your macros in check. You need carbs to burn carbs. A 50% protein 26% carb 24% fat diet you will lose about a 1 to 1 1/2 pounds a week with out putting your heart in danger. Plus add a day of re-feeding the body once a week keeps the metabolize running high so you don't plato.

    Then add a hand bike for 20 mins 4 times a week.
    I'm a WNBF Pro Wheelchair Bodybuilder with national sponsors. Any questions feel free to ask.

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    Eric, What level is your injury?

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    it all boils down to two things: eat less, do more. do what you can, whatever that is.

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