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Thread: Mastering the reacher

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    Question Mastering the reacher

    I have a love/hate relationship with my reacher.

    I'd be screwed without it.....yet it's not easy at all too use (I'm a C6 quad, I'm not about to throw $150 down on the "Cripper Gripper," which has the tenodesis action going on, even though it looks cool).

    Anywhos, Russell Bell, a C6 quad from Michigan, has created a huge video channel showing how he does stuff, and he is the best user of a reacher I think I've ever witnessed. You can check out his video, showing off all his reacher skills, here:

    He even takes glassware out of the cupboard with it!
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    He is pretty skilled ....

    What I hate, is when I need a reacher for my reacher! Makes me totally crazy when people put my reachers where I can't get them!!
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    Tell me about it! lol I will use my kitchen broom to try to get my reacher back in my hands
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