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Thread: sp stoma seems infected

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    sp stoma seems infected

    I have noticed a little puss around. I am worried. What can I do about that?
    In eight years that I have this I have noticed irritation or blood but never this. Looking forward to hear from you

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    Are you sure that it is pus? Not meaning to question you, but pus indicates that it is infected. Are there any other signs of infection? Fever? Fatigue? General malaise (feeling not too well?)

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    I've had a sp tube since 1977. Occasionally, there seems to be a discharge of sorts. I clean it with soap and water and try to let air access the site all night and a few hours daily. I have put antibiotic ointment (neosporin or triple B) and covered it on occasion when I don't have air time (company staying or traveling) but think cleaning and air best.

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    No I don't have any noticeable feeling of not being unwell. Today it looks a little bit better. Is it possible to have an infection with no symptoms?

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    It's not considered an infection unless there are symptoms. It could be an irritation of some sort. If it is getting better, I wouldn't worry about it.

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    Could it just be that the stoma area is stretched a litle ? making a liquidish discharge ?

    I hope youre feeling better
    Sicerely :

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    Just try to keep it clean and dry - and it should do fine.

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    have you been using any thing new? Powder, Qtips is their any blotching around the area (red and white areas)?

    Just a thought, do you have a nurse or doctor that you can ask?

    Stevie P

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    thanks to everybody for your support specially to the nurse. Now it looks again back to normal so nothing serious. I took your advice so everything is fine.

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