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Thread: Another indian doctor doing stem cell treatment

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    Another indian doctor doing stem cell treatment

    Look at him what he is doing? I can not understand about his procedure. Will it really work or not?


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    there doesnt seem to be much detail about the procedure on the website (and the font is terrible on the site by the way - I can barely read it). It mentions two types of treatment - stem cells taken from 1) bone marrow and 2) cultured from umbilical cord blood. However, there is no mention of how these are transplanted back into the body.

    Did you notice what looks like the MASONS symbol (caduceus symbol) in the top right corner of the page. Intentional or not? I dont know.

    Im sure Mr Young will have more to say on this clinic.

    Fly Pelican Fly

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    It seems to be run by qualified doctors who are willing to put their names and qualifications on the site:

    About Us

    Dr Sunil Waghmare
    MD, Mbbs, dmre,macp, facp, Fellow ISVIR
    Interventional radiologist & stem cell therapist
    General physician. Stem cell therapist specialized in angiography & angioplasty. Treatment of vascular and venous diseases. Pain interventionist. Laser Varicose Veins treatment specialist.
    Call: +91-9819445690, 28959371, 28929358.
    Fax line: +91-22-28926179.

    Dr Pratibha Waghmare
    Inhouse adminstraton
    Accounts incharge

    Dr Manoj Rajani
    MD, DM (NEURO)
    Specialist of neurology
    EMG and EEG.

    Dr Vijay Rangani
    Anaesthetist and intensivist
    Incharge of anaesthesia and intensive care.

    Dr S G Kasbekar
    MS (Gen Surgery)
    Incharge, Minimal invasive surgery

    Dr Vijay Garud
    Senior Anaesthetist and Pain interventionist

    Dr Nitin Patil
    The fact that the doctors are providing their names, degrees, and addresses is a good sign. That means that some people are willing to put their names and reputations on the line. Also, it means that pressure can be put on them to behave like professionals.

    What is not good is their willingness and in fact their sole reliance of testimonials as evidence of their treatment efficacy. They also do not describe their treatment at all. Given this situation, I don't think that there is any reason to take them seriously.


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    well , I just found out. He does a multi route job of transplanting auto logous bone marrow stem cells . What he told me was that it was the intra arterial route. Has done only three patients so far. Spoke to one of them , who was a C-5 C-6 injury , 13 years post. He was ASIA -D so he could walk. But had no B/B. His walking ability has improved and best of all has regained his B/B. But not his sexual function. His B/B is normal, that is what he told me on the phone. His charges are also nominal. About 6000 Dollars . Will post more after getting more info. Bye

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    keep us posted

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    Quote Originally Posted by drnader View Post
    keep us posted
    Yes please

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    Lakboy did u get more info about Dr Sunil?

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    i had mentioned once in my post abt Dr.Sunil waghmare. i fixed appointment but i cancelled it. dont know why. now cant trust anyone. i had spoke to Mr. Pravin - his patient. and he was very positive and also hv gained much.

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    I found about Dr. Sunil, He is mumbai based and does Intra Arterial transplantation of bone marrow stem cells. He has treated only one patient so far who is a walking quad. C-5 C-6 , and I spoke to him on the phone and he seems to have got B/B back. He is 13 years post and always had problems of leakage. That has stopped and I asked him to rate his progress so far on a scale of 1 to 10 and his reply was 7. He has also gained muscle strength and tone. But remember he was a WALKING QUAD. Seems to be very bright and knows his craft.

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    stem cell theapy

    Dear All,
    No more speculations about my treatment methodologies. I have already spoken to many of the members belonging to this forum. I am a qualified interventional radiologist, i perform vascular interventional treatments. Through my experience with autologous stem cell therapy, i have indeed treated patients using the multiple route techniques. It works just fine. For diabetes it has simply reversed the insulin intake and my patients are still continuing to do so. similarly for stroke and spinal cord injury applying multiple route technique has proved worthy. I also believe that neuronal disorders are a difficult lot to treat and every single patient differs from other. Hence using multiple routes to deliver stem cells is of essence.
    For eg, diabetes - pancreatic artery injections and intra pancreatic injections . For CKD - intra renal and through the renal artery. For stroke patients intra thecal and intra arterial injections into the feeding artery. For parkinson's- Posterior cerebral artery injections. For spinal cord injury patients - Anterior spinal artery, intrathecal and intra lesional.
    That is the way i treat the patients with different degenerative and seemingly untreatable diseases. Many time we need corrective procedures prior to the delivery of stem cells. Also employing intrathecal route for each and very case of spinal cord injury may not work for all the individuals.
    Dr Sunil Waghmare

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