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Thread: Happiness is a lazy dog!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sreneet View Post
    Elsie is going through heart failure. I think Rusty can sense that she's sick, he spends a lot of time licking and laying close to her these days.
    I was happy looking through this thread until seeing this, it brought tears to my eyes. It's sweet, but still sad.

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    Love looking at these pictures. Maybe I can figure out how to post some. We adopted a pound pup about 2 years ago. Husband was firm that there would be no dogs in the house. I argued that a small dog would be great company for him. He finally gave in and we adopted Sadie. She is absolutely great. She was about 3 when we got her, already housebroken, spayed, and microchipped. She has excellent manners and absolutely loves us. she's like a little mother hen with my husband. When he goes outside, she follows him everywhere. I'll bet a million dollars wouldn't buy her from him now. He's really a softie at heart.

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    Quote Originally Posted by med100 View Post
    sren- Great pictures of your furkids. Love the pool.. I also love it when they pancake themselves out flat like that...
    Thanks; Trixie is our only dog that lays that way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PeanutsLucy View Post
    Love the shot by the pool and the gate.

    Tough to top a faithful dog.
    Thanks; They're always waiting there when we come home. We call Champ the "parking attendant" because he walks in front of everyones car until you reach the house.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sjean423 View Post
    I love the pool shot! Do yours ever go in? My lab would be in in a flash!

    You can tell she is in motion by the ears, she has regular floppy lab ears.
    They will go in but they won't swim, there's a shallow area they can sit on. We don't let them do it anymore because they were getting the pool too dirty. During the summer they go into a creek on our property and get really dirty. So my husband set up a small pool that they can get in when they need to cool off. I felt so sorry for them because they would sit at the door barking to get in the pool. I'll post a few old pictures of them in the pool.

    That's a great picture, my brother has a dog that looks almost exactly like her. He's full grown and only weighs about 45 lbs and has a solid black tongue.

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    Champ and Trixie cooling off!

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    It was funny to watch because they would be sitting there and drinking at the same time. Talk about "lazy" dogs!

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