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Thread: share a laugh, my first sit-ski, first trial and first wipeout

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    Smile share a laugh, my first sit-ski, first trial and first wipeout

    Hi everyone, trying out a new sport is fun... but make sure you learn the basics before doing it. Unlike what I did with my first cross country ski experience.

    Here is my oops and your laugh...

    BTW, it was awesome!

    "Always look at the bright side of life...."

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    Appreciate the small gains and the large ones will be ignored!!

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    I did exactly the same thing my first time out. Twice.

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    Looks like fun. Just wondering, how do you turn?
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    That looks like so much fun!Thanks for sharing :-)

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    Just tell people that it was Toyota's new line of skiing equipment.

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    I did exactly the same thing EVERY TIME I went out....except on a much steeper slope... at a much higher rate of speed....and also with a lot more injuries.

    Glad you had fun. Sit-skiing is awesome.
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    Hilarious video! It looks like fun!

    Question of questions - how do you 'hold' onto the poles?
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    hahahh my lord made my day
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    You made my day too. Congrats. what a trooper.

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