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Thread: All these earthquakes and other things have me thinking...

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    All these earthquakes and other things have me thinking...

    That the Mayans are right about 2012. I don't think the world is gonna end but there's gonna be some type of gradual polar shift where the weathers gonna change in the world
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    Look up Pacific Ring of Fire. It's the Pacific earthquake zone. Obviously Haiti
    isn't in the Pacific, but it sits on a huge fault line. There are over 500,000
    detectable quakes around the world each year. Pure coincidence.

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    Like a magnetic pole shift. We are so ****ed!

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    Wow My friend Charlie just spoke to me about the Mayan 2012 2 weeks ago
    I told him I dont have fancy tele channels so I dont get the real fancy weather world stuff on my tele as I only watch my DVD's

    Because of my tinitus I hardly listen to a radio .lol

    Here I was Reading and then the whole Geological Fault thing poped in my mind because I remember Mt St Helens and have been following these changes of plates and crazy weather changes for the last 20 + years heavily Wow that was a unreal ordeal I remember that mess .

    When I lived in BC Canada I was awakened by tremmors

    We felt it in the morning I forget it was a while back .

    This topic is interesting ' ill look more into this Mayan stuff ....
    Thank you

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    There hasn't been an increase in earthquakes. After Haiti, you're going to hear more about earthquakes in the media because they're sensationalists.

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    True Le Type Francais

    You made a great point
    Thank you

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    Interestingly enough, the Mayan 2012 predictions are not that far away from Hindu cosmology which describes our World being in the Kali-Yuga (the age of darkness) - on the cusp of entering the Golden Age. Apparently we are a privileged generation that will be able to witness the transformation of our World.

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    I think Iran gaining nuclear weaponry will have more impact on the End Of Times, then earthquakes. Though it does make one wonder if the Earth is tearing apart at times. Yeah, the ring of fire is what it is, and sometimes it can throw one doozy of a haymaker on the population. I am very impressed with Chile's building techniques to withstand such an immense earthquake. Loss of life could've been unreal if such attention to detail engineering had'nt been applied.

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