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Thread: Identifying yourself as disabled on your resume

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    Identifying yourself as disabled on your resume

    I've only had three jobs in my life. My SCI occurred when I was in my first job and the subsequent two jobs, I was recruited for and, therefore, haven't had to "apply" for a job.

    A disabled friend of mine is now looking for a job and asked me if he should make a mention of his disability in either the cover letter or resume. I really have no idea/clue as to whether that would count as a plus for a job applicant to mention that or actually lead to you getting disqualified because I know there are a lot of idiot employers out there who don't think disabled people are worth hiring.

    Any thoughts/feedback?

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    I haven't and don't think its necessary. Being in a wheelchair shouldn't have any influence on getting a job.
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    If your disability may help you get the job (say, wheelchair salesman) yes. Otherwise no.

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    Quote Originally Posted by t8burst View Post
    If your disability may help you get the job (say, wheelchair salesman) yes. Otherwise no.
    Agree, if it might be relevant to position I would mention but otherwise not.

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    I agree with the post above. I work as an employment consultant for people with disabilities. This info booklet I have written about disclosure and disability may help. follow the link then download the booklet. Although the booklet is aimed at uni grads, the disclosure info is pretty much the same for any job seeker with a disability.
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    I never mentioned it either, I just ask them if their are any stairs.
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    Cover letter, résumé & interviews

    In 2010's crippling economy I still believe job discrimination in companies and industry it still exists. I experienced it back in 1991 when I started to search for employment. I populated my résumé with disability related organizations I served on and I got no replies back. I cleaned up my résumé and removed all disability related items and I was getting interviews every week! True.

    Now if you are applying for a United States Government position you must declare yourself of having a disability. Why? Because your application goes to a different department and that department will try everything in their power to hire you using "special hiring authorities" supremacy. All you have to say in your cover letter is, "I am a person with a disability." When you are called into an interview the
    United States Government needs to know what kind of disability you have so when they hire you they have made all "reasonable accommodations" for you. Once you are employed and you still need additional accommodations let your supervisor know. The US Government will find funds to get you your accommodations you need.

    To find a career with the United States Government see web site:

    For instant you are asked during an interview, "Why are you disable?" You answer that by saying, "That is an illegal question to ask me." Plain and simple and straight forward. Don't be fooled by answering questions like that that you will get the position. That is not true!

    Working for the United States Government for nearly two decades, they have been very good to me. I recommend anyone looking for employment to use the above web site to seek for a government position.

    In today's crippling war on unemployment you need an arsenal of good weapons like a college degree, a well written cover letter and explosive
    résumé to win the career you want. Another powerful weapon in today's war is "customized employment." Customized employment gives you a flexible work schedule where you can come into work at any time without being counted tardy or late and have the ability to work at home also known as telecommute.

    To learn more about special hiring authorities and customized employment. See the web site:

    I'll also put this one in to this thread. What can YOU do?

    The video:

    You never know? You might be working on things like the Space Shuttle, International Space Station or even a Mars project. You may be working with the best of the bests in their career fields. Possibilities and
    opportunities are endless.


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    United States Department of Labor ODEP - In Focus Update

    Federal Hiring Event Set for People with Disabilities

    • Have you explored opportunities to work for the Federal government, but were overwhelmed by the application process?
    • Do you want to work in an environment that embraces diversity and inclusion and the talent you offer?
    • Are you interested in a career opportunity with benefits and the potential for career progression?
    • Are you a Veteran with a 30% or more disability rating who wants to extend your service to your Nation?

    If you have answered "Yes!" or know someone who has, we encourage you to visit the ODEP web site where information about this historic event is now available.

    This email was just sent to me from the United States Department of Labor ODEP.


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    Titanium, Thanks for posting that info. I'm currently working on my Ph.D. in counseling and it looks like they have some great opportunities for counselors interested in working with veterans. Good info. Thanks again!

    I spent almost a decade (prior to SCI) working for local government. The benefits were great! I certainly wouldn't mind working for the government again.
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    I haven't put it on my resume. I don't think it has to be on there. I vote No.

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