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    Travel advice

    Just found out that I'm flying to Texas this weekend. I'll need to take my shower chair with me but it doesn't have a bag. Any ideas? I'll be traveling alone so I REALLY need my chair.

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    Do you have an old scuba gear bag it might fit in? I have a padded one w/ wheels, it's huge. Take tip $$, don't hesitate to ask for help in the airport. That's how I get my scuba gear around, anyway.

    There must be an easier way than hauling that thing around, lordy! If you're going to have to cart it forever, you might just want to invest in an appropriate bag.

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    Thanks Betheny. I'll check my scuba bag and see if it fits. I never expected to fly with it. But this came up suddenly and i really need to go. You'd think Invacare would sell a bag that fit the chair. I would have bought it.

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    Mine is much older but this is basically what we use:

    It holds all my gear (except tank) and even a pony tank. It was expensive but has really held up well.

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    Looks a lot like my dive bag. For most dive trips, I was able to get EVERYTHING in my dive bag and my backpack carry on.

    Do you do a lot of deep diving? I've never used my pony bottle. Can't wait to see your travel pix.

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    Jen, have you thought about renting a shower chair to use while you're in Texas instead of hauling yours with you? I did this when we went to Kauai -- took only a couple of calls to find exactly what I wanted, and the med supplier delivered it to and picked it up from the B&B where we stayed.

    Just an alternative you might want to consider.
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    I used to dive deep, am certified for it, but doubt if I will any more. Our pony tanks are really a cross between those tiny Spare Air emergency bottles and an actual pony tank. Called Xtra Air, they have a redundant 1st stage regulator built in.

    I never use it any more b/c when ppl set my gear up, they get confused and hook things up wrong. Since I don't really have the fingers to gear up myself anymore I decided it's safer to leave it out of the equation.

    I hope your shower chair fits in your dive bag, that would simplify things! Renting seems like the easiest solution of all tho.

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    Betheny Good idea
    I do same thing using a old scuba bag

    Jen Jen Keep smiling and I hope you enjoy your Flight
    Sincerely ;

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