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Thread: I have c diff....again

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    I have c diff....again

    I had flagyl in the fridge from back in Oct when I had my meatal reconstruction. Does 500mg x3 sound right? I have also started taking Florestor because it is also supposed to be helpful. I have Organic yogurt in the house and have called my primary to ask for a script for Questran.
    I'll also start taking extra fiber for bulk.

    Other than maybe buying banana flakes, am I missing anything else?
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    Yep, that sounds like the right dosage of Flagyl for 10-14 days, and your other remedies are spot on, too (although I've not ever considered the Questran request).

    Only other things I can recommend are the BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce, dry toast) and liquids, fluids, and liquids, including some sports drinks to help keep your electrolytes in balance.

    Just a few questions -- are you certain this is c. diff? Shouldn't you have a culture done to confirm before starting the Flagyl? And how is it you have so much "extra" Flagyl leftover from last year?

    Regardless of the answers to those questioms, I hope this is a mild case that passes quickly -- it's a nasty, awful condition to experience!!
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    I've been fighting cdiff for about a year now. Flagyl didn't work so I've been taking Vancocin. I'll take 250 mg x2 a day for a few weeks. Then back off to one a day for a few weeks, then one every other day, etc. Seems like every time I get up to one every 4 or 5 days it comes back and I start all over again. The doc just sent me for another stool test to make sure we're still battling cdiff. I also take florastor and yogurt. I've never heard of Questran. I agree with hip - are you sure it's cdiff? Mike
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    It's the real thing. It's the third time I've had it. It's straight liquid that smells like bad chicken. When you go five times in a half hour....

    I'm sure. Yeah, I could go through all the drills but C diff can test negative several times over and what would that prove?

    The doc gave me a huge allotment of Cipro and Flagyl from my previous surgery...did I take the full course before, not even close. That's why I have so much left over.
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    FUCKING C-DIFF!!! I just hope to NEVER come across it again... I had it on off for about a year too! Vanco

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    Careful what you ask for - LOL at your signature.

    Seriously, I know that's just awful - hope it gets better soon.

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    Sucrolose and Splenda can compromise your friendly flora, I'm sure that didn't help me any.

    Take note.
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    hope I never get it. my poor friend got down to 75 pounds with that. I thought she was a gonner. she is fine now but it took months for her to look like a live person again.

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    It almost killed my mom and then my dad got it. Take care and get better!

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    I have it also. Taking vanco and florastor. A question, anybody try i.v. vancomycin orally in place of vancocin? The cost for the vancocin is outrageous over months of use.

    I read on the angry pharmacist website that in hospitals that it has been administered orally to treat c diff for cost savings. Just curious if anyone has experience with this.

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