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Thread: My lovely old old Dog trusty Best Friend

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    i am so very sorry i am just seeing this. i went thru something similar over a yr ago. hope you are coping, gypsy. i just haven't been here much or i would have responded sooner. the night my valkyrie died, my son put her on my bed next to me. she had been sick 2-3 wks but we were nursing her as she was so frightened of vets. i had a mobile vet here but he said she was prob dying, i could try critical care.

    knowing my girl wouldn't last a day at critical care, we kept her home. she was not whimpering in pain, just sleeping mostly. that last night, though, her eyes were haunted. i was going to call vet in a.m. but she went around midnight with my son's arms round her.

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    Dear Cass and everyone I sincerely thank you all for everything

    The hardest part is not seeing him when I wake up and I miss how he would bark (speak ) to me in his own way lol
    He is buried next to his wife who passed away from cancer a while back

    His Grandson my personal dog Now became the Alpha Dog in the family .

    I am just glad he enjoyed life
    You all are the best

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    Gypsylady, I am really sorry to hear of the loss of your dog. We rushed our almost 16 year old cat to the vet many times in the last year of his life, spent almost $7,000 keeping him alive because we couldn't bear to part with him. He finally went into v-tach and we had to put him down almost two months ago. It was heartbreaking. I still feel sad everytime I pass the pet food isle in the store...some pets have such unique, cool personalities, they aren't just pets, they're our buddies.

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    Hi Simpler Times I hear you my friend long ago I had a Great Dane and at 7 she developed a lump behind hr left ear and the vet initially lanced it open thinking it was a cyst it wasnt
    He had to put her down because it was cancer and he had misdiagnosed her
    didnt cost me a penny but She was a beauty

    These animals / Creatures are sometimes more than animals to People like me
    She was so hard to get over

    I guess there is a reason for thing's

    Sincerely :

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