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Thread: My lovely old old Dog trusty Best Friend

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    Quote Originally Posted by gypsylady View Post
    Here I sit not able to sleep because my dog is crying in his sleep

    He is a special baby to me unreplaceable I love my doggie what can I say

    I am in tears but I hope he passes away in his sleep being I cant bring myself to take him to a vet to euthenize him .
    Dog lovers like myself get attached to our Babies and it is just a very emotional bond of his unconditional love all these years what a super partner .

    I can hear him crying and I look in his eyes he has no strenghth but he has tears of love and shows me his beauty when I place my face by his and he kisses me .
    This is very hard to describe but I hope he goes peacefully .

    I will go and try resting some
    Thank you all
    Oh, my! How dreadfully sad, yet so beautiful are your sentiments. I love dogs; they're the most lovable creatures God made.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gypsylady View Post
    Thank you Annabannanna
    In the morning I will talk this over with my Boyfriend and let him decide because I dont want to see Moses suffer

    Sincerely ;
    It's a terrible decision, I know that, but I truly think on the other side, dogs understand why we made the choices we did. You're not killing your dog, you're setting him free because he's suffering and the cycle of life has him on borrowed time. Moses will understand. He knows you love him, you have for 18 years now.

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    Gypsy, there is no human I think, who can touch my heart more than my furfriends.. the love, that unconditional adoring love. I know what this feels like. I know we only got a little bit of the picture here but I am wondering if you could tell me what Moses' medical condition? Is it progressive pain or just started? Should I assume whatever it is, older age, and cannot be treated? I have not heard of dogs living to 18 years, so this sounds like one lucky dog. How beautiful is your story of how close you all are, and yes, family, of the best kind. But I wonder, what if the vet is able to treat him to make him more comfortable now for a while longer? If not, I would bring him to the vet and have him euthanised/PTS (put to sleep) to end his suffering but you know best. Those warm kisses and that bond will still be there, just in a different way.

    I had to do it for a couple of my cats and my horse. My pain of having to say goodbye was terrible. But I also know it was the humane thing to do. My thought it they may be able to help him if it is something kidney related or other type of medicine. But I don't know...and I have no doubt you know better than anyone right now what is best. I was thinking you should get him to a vet as soon as you can. We love and sometimes need to let them leave, but in our hearts, they will forever remain.
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    Oh Gypsy, the love you feel for your puppies ('cause they'll always be puppies in spirit, no matter how old they get) pours out of this post. Your family sounds just wonderful and you can tell there's lots of love between you all.

    Sweetie, if your baby Moses is crying in his sleep, the most loving and selfless thing you can do for him is to have the vet end his suffering. Sleep is supposed to be the place where he can go to be free of the pain and dream of once again running free to chase the squirrels and sticks and frisbees, to lay at your feet and get belly and ear scritches, and relive all of the good things that go with being a much-loved companion. If the pain is so strong that it's making him whimper while he sleeps, it's probably even worse during the day. He deserves better than to have his last days shrouded with pain.

    I understand how horribly hard it is the first time you have to carry out the decision to euthanize a beloved animal. Unfortunately, I also know how awful it is to realize that an animal who was been my loving and devoted companion suffered needlessly for a lot longer than she had to because I couldn't bring myself to do what was best for her. That guilt eats away at me every day, and I'm so sorry I made my little girl Fawsa Ferret spends weeks in agony because I was too scared to do the right thing by her.

    Please, please, reconsider your decision to have a vet relieve Moses' suffering by putting him to sleep. It's much more kind for him to simply drift off into sleep after having one of his favorite treats while you're petting him and talking to him about what a good boy he is and how much you love him than to let him pass on alone and in pain during the night.

    The process of euthanasia itself is very peaceful.

    I'm so sorry your baby is hurting and will soon cross the rainbow bridge. I hope you can find peace in making sure he makes that journey free of pain and surrounded by the people who love him.
    It is easier to find men who will volunteer to die, than to find those who are willing to endure pain with patience.

    ~Julius Caesar

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    Gypsylady, on Feb 22nd I had to put Festus, my best friend of 14 1/2 years down and it was crushing. He developed an inoperable cancerous lump in his throat and had lesions in his lungs. His breathing became labored and his lungs became more and more congested everyday. I was out of town from the 16-21 and my housemate called me early on the 21st and said she didn't think he would make it, that he'd had a restless night, trouble breathing and just was in bad shape. I called the vet in tears and gave them my verbal permission then called my housemate back and told her to try to get him to hang on until I got home.

    I rushed home from the airport and he perked up somewhat according to Helaine. That Sunday night he was OK but woke up in the middle of the night and could barely breathe. Monday morning he wouldn't eat. I rolled into the office and clocked in at 7. A few minutes after 7, he walked in, looked up at me and gave me that "help me daddy" look. His breathing was 10% capacity and I knew it was time. The 20 min drive to the vet was horrible and oh so painful.

    We got to the vet and he knew it was time to say goodbye, you could see it in his eyes. The vet gave him a shot to make him comfortable and he drifted off for good after the vet found the vein he needed.

    We came home and Helaine buried him in the backyard. My best friend and the best dog I've ever had is gone. It hurt so bad but no way was I going to let him suffer. I didn't read the entire thread and you may have already done what needs to be done. It is tough but you need to be strong for him. So sorry.
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    Gypsy I'm sorry to hear about Baby.
    Praying she goes soon & her suffering is over.
    I know it hurts to see her hurting.

    {hugs} Mona

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    Sorry for what you are going through. We have all been there before so we can understand your pain. I said I would never get attached to a pet again and as I write this I have a cat sleeping beside me belly up, snoring, and her tail hanging off the side of the bed.
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    May I ask why the dog is crying in his sleep? I'm perplexed by that. Is the dog in pain and still crying while unconscious? I don't understand that.

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    I'm sorry to hear about your friend, Deadeye. I hope a bundle of fur comes your way soon to help mend your broken heart.

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