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Thread: My lovely old old Dog trusty Best Friend

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    My lovely old old Dog trusty Best Friend

    Here I sit not able to sleep because my dog is crying in his sleep

    He is a special baby to me unreplaceable I love my doggie what can I say

    I am in tears but I hope he passes away in his sleep being I cant bring myself to take him to a vet to euthenize him .
    Dog lovers like myself get attached to our Babies and it is just a very emotional bond of his unconditional love all these years what a super partner .

    I can hear him crying and I look in his eyes he has no strenghth but he has tears of love and shows me his beauty when I place my face by his and he kisses me .
    This is very hard to describe but I hope he goes peacefully .

    I will go and try resting some
    Thank you all

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    Bless your heart, Gypsylady. It is so hard to see them suffer. I wish things were different for both of you. ( hugs)

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    I know your pain...I am still having issues with the fact that I had to put my baby down a year ago. We had no choice...if we did not, she would have suffocated due to the spinal cord injury that was traveling up her cord. I could not put her through that. May he have a peaceful journey.
    "Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot nothing's going to get better. It's not." - Dr. Seuss

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    Really sorry to hear this, it's very hard to lose a dog.

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    It ripped my heart out when my little Lily died a few years ago. I still miss her. I wish you peace and comfort during this difficult time.
    "The truth will set you free. But first, it will piss you off." -Gloria Steinem

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    Oh Gypsy, I am so sorry.

    Please take him to the vet though - relief of his suffering is the last best gift you can give him.

    It is so hard I know, I had to put down my two old dogs not too long ago.

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    Gypsy, I feel so bad for you. It is hard to see a friend suffer.

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    yes, I had the talk with my young nephew, about how we as pet owners must sometimes make a choice for them. it took two weeks for him to make the choice. in that time, his old friend was given a stronger pain med, that made her much more comfortable. I really think she hung on for him. many vets will come to your home for the trip over rainbow bridge. it is usually a reasonable fee as well. around a hundred dollars. I sent a hug to you Gypsy lady. we love those lovely kin don't we. bless you also for your lovingkindness.

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    Gypsy, So very sorry about your doggie. Yes, we love our animals with our whole hearts, and they love us in return. It is always difficult when they need to go over "the rainbow bridge." Wishing you strength in this difficult time.

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    I'm so sorry. I think animals are fortunate that we are allowed to help them along the way, rather than making them suffer to the very end. I hope you'll be strong enough to do the right thing. You know Dusty would do it for you, their love is so unwavering it's a miracle.

    I read this on that PostScripts website, posted by a vet tech. Something like "At the end, the vet gives you a choice to stay or leave the room when your pet is set free. Always stay. They look for you when you leave the room."

    That's kind of haunted me. I'll never forget it. When Dingo's day comes, God willing far in the future, I want him to go knowing I'm there. My heart will break but it seems more important that he not be wondering where I went...

    Jody's idea is a good one, having the vet come out. It would be worth it just to have him go from his home, the place he guarded his family and lived the happiest years of his life.

    OK, gotta go cry. I am so very sorry. I hope nobody tells you to get over it, he's just a dog. They are "just" pure heart and love and they are family.

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