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Thread: Uribiotic Formula (for UTI)

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    Uribiotic Formula (for UTI)

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    I have not heard anything good or bad about it. My only caution is that herbal remedies can react with drugs, so use with caution. I would also encourage you to see if there are any studies done with this - I couldn't find any in a quick search, but will do a more thorough search later and let you know if I find anything. And, I would also encourage you to run this by your sci physician.


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    Any problem with taking a shot of Apple cider vinegar twice a day? I thought I read on CC that it may cause some damage to the kidneys.

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    I am not sure of any harm that comes from drinking apple cider vinegar. I will try to do some searches on it and see if anything comes up. Will let you know if I find anything.


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