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Thread: Must be that time of year .....again....

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    Never underestimate these anniversarys. Daves one yr was in Oct. /we dreaded and nearly relived it. Tomorrow a yr home from rehab and we had hoped to be further along with less set backs.
    Don't beat yourself up for the bad days.

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    Linda it's no easy road. You hang tuff with Dave and do best ya can. Real love will keep ya 2 together or not , I sure hope it does. God Bless
    oh well

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    hey medic1.. i know what you mean. I am 7 months post.. funny cus i just posted this ( 2 weeks ago.. life is hard and its really shitty when you look around and see that everyone else is living a somewhat normal-er life but just remember, this is who you are and try to make the best of it.. and in the end, no one can help you but yourself. there are times to be down but also time to pick urself up.. u dont want to tend up losing everything you've got!
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    brown sequard syndrome

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    Through Care Cure. let's do the bad days one at a time, together.
    And the truth shall set you free.

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    not funny
    oh well

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