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Thread: work comp and chairs

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    work comp and chairs

    anyone else on work comp insurance if so how often do you get new chairs
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    I am on work comp. I dont think there is a certain amount of time for chairs, I will check out some info and see, but usually if it is something that is needed, and can be proved needed, as long as something was not done intentionally to the item, it is replaced as needed.

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    Depends on the state you are in and how old your claim is. I'm grandfathered into mine so it is much different than the new work comp injuries.

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    I have been on workers comp almost 27 years. I live in VA now but was hurt in FL. Basically I get a new chair whenever it is medically necessary. for a long time I was trashing Quickie 2's every 2 years. One time I did it in 6 months bowling. Now I am in a Quickie TI and it is going strong after 4 years. Kind of wish it wasn't. I am jonsin for a Q7.

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    I'm still in my 'first' chair, but I was told it would be as 'medically needed' or 5 years. Just convince a Dr you need a new one!
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    There's nothing to convince a doc about. You are a couple of years in post injury and your needs have changed.

    You want to maximize your ability with a better fitting, lighter chair with lightweight,Spinergy's or other, tires.

    For me, if it helps prolong the shoulders wearing out and my pushing the chair a little easier, it is worth it for the comp. board. I'd tell them that your job is to stay as healthy and strong as possible thus saving you grief and them, money.

    You won't be lying or pulling something that you aren't entitled to. They took the money from your employer betting you wouldn't get injured. Your employer paid comp. in case you did get hurt.

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    5 years is what i heard

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    Those numbers are thrown about based on statistical averages. The VA said a chair lasted 7 years when I was first hurt. When 'they" generate numbers they are including paras, quads, kids with spinal bifida, old ladies who only use the chair to go to the dentist and on and on and on.

    The doctor should not be determining medical necessity, it should be an OT or PT well versed with chairs and the particular disability being addressed. If the insurance company requires a MD signature a doc will always go with what the therapist says.

    Bottom line - if you need a new chair go to a seating clinic and convince them! The worst that could happen is the folks at the clinic might convince you that a new chair is not indicated. Workers comp will pay the clinic and your mileage or transportation to and from. Go for it!

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    thanks for the input ill have to check on a new one
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