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Thread: Razorblade, RGK, or Crossfire... drowning in chairs...

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    Razorblade, RGK, or Crossfire... drowning in chairs...

    I have still been looking for my new chair... I like the Crossfire.. but am unsure if I should get a more adjustable chair (it will be my first rigid chair), I love the fabrics and choices of the colours Razorblade ( but £500 for spinergys)!!! The Crossfire guy was selling them for £318 for 24"... plus colours guy says I should get 25"! RGK 12 weeks until delivery.... no folding backrest on optima (then guy phones back says they could make me one in 8 weeks....) what do I doo!

    I have discounted the quickie helium... thats about as far as I have got.. oh and decided on 5" front castors, ergo seat, tension adjustable backrest...

    I havent noticed any comments on Colours chairs...

    Someone please help else I will definately drown in the leaflets... am going into brain meltdown!!!

    What options are really essential or beneficial... are spinergys worth the money? should I buy a razorblade just to please me on fabric etc....

    sorry for the rant... I really need new chair....

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    i had a razorblade and loved it. awesome ride rep
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    If you like the look of the Spinergy's but hate the price then take a look at Sun Components Fusion 16 wheels, if they're offered as an option. 25" wheels are the size preferred by many users - they tend to ride a little better than the 24's and may make it easier to get up kerbs but at the end of the day it's personal preference.

    Why did you discount the quickie helium? as you want an adjustable rigid did you test a Tilite ZRa (sorry to add another chair in to the mix).

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    That ok Im grateful for any suggestions...

    I havent looked at the ZRa.... the Helium brought out to me didnt feel very comfy, I felt like a pea on a drum, sat on the chair rather than in it, if that makes any sense. It also had the electron strap seat, which I wasnt too keen on, and the brakes might be ok but looked a bit flimsy. The demo guy also brought it out with flat tyres which didnt help lol

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    The colours guy suggested 25" wheels would be easier to push...

    On the Crossfire I could afford spinergy spox, but for the razorblade they were going to cost £500 on top of the other extras and the chair. Colours charge for tension upholstery,and locking backrest, which are in with the price on the Crossfire. I know a comfy ride is the most important thing but I do love the choices in upholstery etc on the razorblade.... (typical female I suppose lol)

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    I realise this thread is old, but for people searching the archives for more info on which chair to buy.... I wrote an in depth review of my RGK Hi Lite (ti) here:

    In short, it seems to be a very comfortable, well designed and made wheelchair. I had a good experience with the UK RGK sales people inc. after sales and spares too.

    P.S check out their ex-demo section for ex-demo and 2nd hand RGK chairs. I got mine for about 20% of the new price, despite it being in very good condition. Seems to be only a few months or so old before I bought it.

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    Most folks here will swear by TiLite chairs. I have a Crossfire T7A aluminum frame chair and like it. Has the Sun 24" Fusion 16 wheels with Marathon Evolution tires. Less expensive than TiLite titanium chairs and a couple pounds heavier.
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    i've had my tilite since 2003. been with me all over the world and this thing is still trucking. i swear by them 100%!! no other chair for me!!
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    by posting here you entered another dimension.

    You've crossed over into....The TiLite Zone.
    I don't have an SCI--I have generalized weakness (PPMS) with POTS and gait problems.

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