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Thread: door opener for high level quad

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    door opener for high level quad

    does anyone know of any remote control door owners that would work through a invacare power chair? In a sip n puff chair.

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    I use a sip and puff chair also. Am not sure of anything like this. I will watch this thread to see what kind of replies you get.
    I just ordered a voice activated remote. Will see how that works.

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    I know we have done this for several of our clients. I will check with our OT, but I am pretty sure that most of the common door-opener hardware that comes with a wireless remove can be adapted to a sip and puff control, but perhaps a separate one from the one that operates your chair. Here is a site that has a alot of might get some information from them:


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    I am a big fan of Open Sesame. I've got to him that were great.

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    theres a rfid lock i saw online that looks pretty good - it comes with cards and 'coins'. bond one of the coins to your chair with really strong glue, and touch the coin against the lock to open.

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    Open Sesame sells an ECU Transmitter for their system. While that sounds high tech, it is essentially a garage door opener with a 1/8" mono jack soldiered into the circuit board...

    To access it through the driving control, your powerchair needs equipped with Invacare's MK6 Auxiliary Module 12 (AUX12M6) or Auxiliary Module 34 (AUX34M6)...

    An interface cable is required to connect the garage door..uhmm..I mean ECU transmitter to one of the DB9 inputs on the Aux module...

    When an AUX module is on the chair and has been enabled using a programmer, you would be able to go to a mode which appears similar to the power seating mode on your display. In that mode, a directional command will operate the transmitter through the driver control.

    A less expensive and more-straightforward approach would be to mount a small momentary switch on your headrest and route it directly to the 1/8 mono input jack on the LiftMaster..I mean..ECU Transmitter.

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    possible with an r-net omni?

    to SCI_OTR (or anyone, for that matter):

    The previous post was very helpful. I'm looking for some advice for a friend who is a quad with limited dexterity and cannot operate a regular door opener. He currently uses a head switch, but I'm looking for better options because he is moving into a house where he will need to open a front door and a bedroom door with two different transmitter frequencies (for privacy/security). I could use your input...

    He uses the R-net Omni from PG Drives Technology ( ) and I'm wondering if the process described is possible with his set-up. It seems possible, but I'm not sure which accessories/parts would be required. The ability to control multiple frequencies with his joystick would be fantastic.

    Thanks for your help!

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