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Thread: Beef and Bison Burgers

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    Beef and Bison Burgers

    I've been working my butt off all weekend doing yard work it's time to wind down with a good cigar, cold beer and some burgers with the family.

    I've been on a health kick for the past three months and give myself one 'splurge day' which usually falls on Saturday. Even though I splurge I still try to eat healthy, so me and my 8 year old have Bison burgers which are much much lower in fat but equally as good as beef. The rest of the family had chuck burgers and hot dogs. More pic's can be found at The Wolfe Pit.

    Started off with beer and stogie and then got to cooking.

    Grilled veggies that were marinated in Italian Dressing are done and the beef burgers go on.

    Then the Bison burgers and hot dogs that for some reason my wife split down the middle and they curled right up.

    Time to add Swiss cheese

    Dinners ready!

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    Looks Tasty! What kind of veggies do you cook on the grill, and for how long?
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    Love bison. I used to have it 3-4 times a month, but the cost of shipping has skyrocketed to the point that it is a real luxury here now. I still have a half dozen ribeyes in the freezer waiting for special occasions.
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    bison is greatson! (ok, sorry!)

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    Looks like a great way for you to wind down after the great flower bed you built for your wife.

    I enjoy a good bison burger when I can get it. As I generally don't eat beef or pork unless it's served where I'm a guest, I stick with chicken, turkey, fish, seafood and game. Go figure, right? Hey, it works for me. I've trimmed off a few pounds and I'm a size smaller.

    Thanks to you I'll be thinking bison burger until I get my paws on one again.

    Thanks for the insane food craving, Wolfeman.

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