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Thread: The Journey can be the Destination

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    Post The Journey can be the Destination

    The Journey

    For a wheelchair traveler sometimes the journey can be the adventure. Even when getting lost, you’ll see something new. The more we see the more we are aware of life. Ever heard of the phrase, “don’t forget to stop and smell the roses?” Sometimes we are so focused on getting to our destination that the rest of the world passes us by.

    Go for a drive and stop along the way when something catches your eye to take a photo with a camera or even a phone. By doing so, you mentally slow yourself down and to enjoy a moment that is bigger than yourself. Whether you are in a city, suburb, or country there are beautiful and interesting subjects everywhere; man-made and in nature.

    For those with a passion for nature and the outdoors taking a drive to a destination is a perfect solution when you just need to get out and get a fresh air fix. Any national, state, or regional park is a great example of such a destination. Even by taking the drive you are investigating how accessible a location actually is. Perhaps you’ll want to get out of your car and explore or come back another day.

    One of the best long drives around is the Pacific Coast Highway, beginning in Washington and ending in Southern California. This part of the world is where the North American and Pacific Plate collide, creating dramatic cliffs and rock formation only seen along this coast. The movement of these plates underwater and the ocean’s eroding tide produces famous surfing spots and the Pacific Coast Highway rides right alongside it.

    The journey to any number of destinations for a wheelchair traveler is a part of the adventure.
    making adventure accessible

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