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Thread: Windows ME to XP?

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    Windows ME to XP?

    Can it be done and if so how do you do it? My boss has a laptop with Window Me and wants to install XP on it.

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    First, unplug every thing attached to the laptop. Such as printers, usb devices, external drives and any thing that isn't physicaly part of the laptop.
    Second, boot up to ME and unistall the drivers for all the periferals you unplugged from the laptop.
    Third, after rebooting back into ME after uninstalling your periferals, back up every thing in my documents, pictures, downloaded files and programs that you want to keep, Export your email and addresses to a folder you can back up and reimport afte the upgrade, your favorites (c:\windows\favorites) and any thing else that isn't installed software that you want to keep.
    Fourth, Boot back into ME with every thing above completed. Insert the XP cd into the cdrom drive and let autorun do its thing. You will get promted to upgrade the Operating System. At this point you are as ready as you will ever be to proceed.
    Chances are you will run into a few conflicts because ME doesn't use vxd drivers you shouldn't have to much of a problem. Since all your periferals were uninstalled if ther are conflicts they should be minor. When I did some upgrades from 98se to 2kpro the only conflicts were with old hardware and were resolved after the upgrade. ME to XP isn't that large a jump so you "should" be fine. Every thing should be backed up so if worse comes to worse and you have to wipe the hard drive and install XP clean you should be okay. Hope this helps

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    I would suggest backing up any important files and formatting the hard drive. You can do this during the XP install. When it gives you the choice of what HD/partition to install to, delete the partition with ME on it and create a new one in it's place.

    Just install as normal, reinstall all programs and restore your important files.

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    I'm a laptop user and much preferred Windows 2000pro to XP pro. XP is constantly freezes and doesn't always work with sticky keys (if needed). I have not worked much with ME so I can't say for certain the differences.

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