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Thread: Compare tx of SCI to Autism

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    Compare tx of SCI to Autism

    I found the following article by Jenny McCarthy on Autism extremely interesting and could certainly draw the parallels between its (lack of) treatment and spinal cord injury ... though the causes vastly differ.

    If you have a moment, it's certainly worth the read ...,00.html

    Insert 'spinal cord injury' where it says 'autistic children' and the similarities of struggle (for acknowledgement, cure, funding, research) are astounding:

    The lacerating pilgrimage that parents of autistic children know all too well, lugging their child from specialist to specialist, from program to program, seeking help, answers, a cure — catalyzed her mission.

    The answer has to do with our era's strained relationship with scientific truth, our tendency to place more faith in psychological truths than scientific ones.

    It goes something like this: in McCarthy's world, there is scientific truth and there is emotional truth.

    I wished to God the doctor had handed me a pamphlet that said, 'Hey, sorry about the autism, but here's a step-by-step list on what to do next.' But doctors don't do that. They say 'sorry' and move you along."

    There are dark murmurings from scientists and doctors asking, Was her son ever really autistic?
    (I found that one particularly interesting because when anyone recovers walking ability, those of us left behind tend to question the severity of their injury).

    There is a certain personality within the Curebie community [parents who believe they can cure their autistic children], and that was who she was.

    While every illness brings forth unproven treatments, autism, because there has been so little progress in terms of finding a cause, much less a proven cure, has been a field replete with controversial therapies that lure in desperate parents.
    (Replace parents with patients here ...)

    She is careful to avoid the word cure, always using recovery. "I look at autism like a bus accident, and you don't become cured from a bus accident, but you can recover," she says.

    Given that we don't have unlimited resources, it made sense to say we looked at vaccines and found no causal relationship." McCarthy, she goes on to say, "has been very successful at bringing the politics into the science.
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    Thanks for posting, that was a great read, too bad we don't have a celebrity champion also, she is determined.
    Seems like all the doctors and scientist are determined to prove her wrong, hope she makes a lot of progress. and she's right, she's the one with the kid all day and can recongize changes, habits alot better
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