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    The Pacific

    Got to attend a sneak preview of the new HBO miniseries The Pacific last night on board the USS Midway (museum). All three of the main stars were there, as well as the screenwriter and the HBO VP for Miniseries production. It was a special night for local duty and veterans! Executive producers (not there, unfortunately) are Tom Hanks and Steven Speilberg.

    This was developed in response to the reaction of veterans to the previous HBO miniseries Band of Brothers which is about WWII in Europe, based on actual soldiers there. Many veterans of the Pacific theater felt left out by this film, as well as by Saving Private Ryan. This 10 part mini-series follows 3 Marines (including Medal of Honor awardee John Basilone) as they island hop across the Pacific in some of the bloodiest and most decisive battles of WWII in that theater. It appears that it will not show much about the Navy, so the sailors may not be very happy, but the Marines who were watching last night all felt this was excellent. Highly recommended to help those of us too young to have experienced it to appreciate what some of the Greatest Generation did for their country.

    It is due to air in HBO television starting in mid-March.


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    neet that you got to go. My grandpa was a sailor in wwII in pacific islands.

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