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Thread: Finding accessible housing

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    Finding accessible housing

    Im trying to find somewhere to live thats accesible for me.but i dont have much money and i dont know where to turn to for help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by quanie View Post
    Im trying to find somewhere to live thats accesible for me.but i dont have much money and i dont know where to turn to for help.

    I always think that starting with your local Center for Independent Living is a good choice. They'll know your area and the types of programs that you can qualify for additional assistance if needed. Good luck!
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    I agree. Your local ILC is the best resource. If you have a low income, you should specifically ask about Section 8 housing.

    Here is a directory of ILCs by state:


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    It has been 15 yrs + , but when I was looking for accessible housing---- Complexes that used gov't monies had to have a % of accessible units. The one I rented had 2 out of 120. Many advertise those units in the newspaper rentals. That's how I found mine. Maybe I was just lucky.

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    I am in the same boat here in South Jersey. A few years ago I met the Director of Disability services and he and his office has been more than helpful.

    Call disability services for the state of NJ and ask for Mr. Joe Amoroso.

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    This is my goal, its been 2yrs 1/2 here in Pennsauken NJ.. Got call for a wheelchair access apt but got reject cause of my past criminal conviction as well credit all from over 5 yrs ago with conviction and owe no more then 3 thousand. Now im waiting for one in Camden and hoping it goes through if the list its no longer then 2yrs. I had my days in the pass where i fail in do the right thing born and raise in a county with a crime rate for murder at one time for 3yrs the highest in the country but my case was a drug possesion and i completed my time as well achieved certificates of achievement and change my ways ever since! all i want its a place wheelchair access that i can maintain my privacy geez! Bad enough it might be in Camden but being a minority i have to hope for my safety and i dont even care bout it, im just fed up and willing to move asap!
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