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Thread: moen gimp kitchen sink

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    Quote Originally Posted by ColonusFan View Post
    Hey John,

    The pictures are the BEST. The only thing I would have included would have been the faucet head pulled out to show the reach of the extension length to the stove top (if possible) (or even out the window to hose down the car/ pet/ or what ever is too "big" to fit in the sink ). I have to admit I like the water "on/ off" lever and I kinda want one.
    lol. this version will be out mid summer. theres one out now but no grip and its that cheap shiny finish.

    yup, the lever is tits. super easy rep
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    Jealousy setting in...nice sink.
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    We love it. To buy it and faucet is pretty spendy, but well worth it imo. And the sink is huge. rep
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    We have a, now discontinued, Delta faucet in the bathroom. LOVE the pull out for being able to wash my hair on days I don't have enough time to do a full shower or in winter when my skin wants to peel off. The pull out cord below ours looks about the same length as J's. Say about 3 feet fully yanked. And unlike most other brands Moen's and Delta's fabric style pull out water pipes do not tear, catch on things or rot. We've had ours about 10 years now.
    We did just replace out Pfeister pull out in the kitchen with a stainless Moen. Ours had an easier to handle rubber turn on/off push button and it split within a few years from cleaning sprays and the sun. Can't wait to see the sink and the OXO style grip. Their grip material is seriously sturdy.

    Great timing too. Looking at a possible condo close to my Dad's. It would need a few dis-grades added like a new sink.
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    on a moen gimp sink, they are cut wherever you want them, all cust one off rep
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    Very nice, how do u like it?
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    Love it. rep
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