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Thread: Oracing wheelchairs

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    Oracing wheelchairs

    Hi everyone.

    Here is the last of Box frames by Oraing wheelchairs, this one have the footrest welded and painted in the same colour of the frame because the customer ordered , but i think it will be nicer with a titanium footrest adjustable, all the rest it`s perfect imo, the quality of the uphostery backrest it`s incredible and of course of all the chair.
    Frame warranted for ever.

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    i will post pics for you can see differents combinations of colours and wheels for imaginite that colours in your next chairs.

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    L frame, screw push handles

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    Nice chair.

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    I like the look of that back rest

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    Here you`ve got a pic of green spokes in a white and black frame.

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    A special chair for a special guy.
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    And a special chair for a crazy guy (it`s mine)

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    i hope these chairs make it to the US. they sure are sharp, if they do some of the big boys should be worried

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