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Thread: what should i ask the dr for extreme pain.

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    I'm glad you know. If it's too much tylenol, once can be enough. (ok, out of Mom mode now...)

    I'm sorry - I hear how frustrated you are. I hope this pain doc is indeed really good, and can help you soon. Try to scrape up the last of your patience, they sometimes have to experiment around a bit to see what works for you - and titrate up meds slowly.

    I will certainly be wishing you luck.

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    I have been in severe pain for about 3 years now. I have an app. with my pain Dr today. I can't hardly get out of bed anymore. I am on loritabs and been taking them for to long. I have got to get some relief somewhere.
    He keeps bringing up the pain pump.
    How much and how long is a person to take so much pain? I don't have the drive to get up and brush my hair. Sometimes it is hard to to get up and do my bp. I don't know what to do anymore. Good luck everyone.
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