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Thread: need answers for managing back pain

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    need answers for managing back pain

    hi, quick synopsis: 49F, traffic accident 11/93, received 20% permanent disabiity rating after reaching MMI in 18 months. I have been on Lortab 7.5 since then, dr's have taken me off all pain meds, am suffering terribly! new MRI results as of 3/4//10: Mild to moderate degenerative changes are seen involving lumbar spine. mild thecal sac compression is seen at L2-L3-L4. No significant neural foraminial narrowing is seen. annula tear is seen in the left paracentral location at L5-S-1 level with a small central and left paracentral disc protrusion with no significant thecal sac compression.
    I have been in constant, chronic pain since my pain meds were stopped in May 09. Dr's paranoid now about giving out pain meds! I have tried all the stupid stuff they have thrown at me: gabapentin, Naproxyn, you name it! Nothing works! Had ECI 2 weeks ago for a test, didn't work. Wondering how I should approach my Pain Clinic Dr about treatment? and how can I get pain meds again? I took 1/2 pill 3x aday for 16 yrs and had no pain! It wasn't broke but the Dr's felt the had to "fix" it! Not a minute goes by that I am not in pain, any suggestions?

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    hello gmiddaugh,
    May I ask what pill and what strength you take? .5 pill 3x per day and took that for 16 years. Did you have the same doctor all those years? Did you just switch to a new or different doctor? What does your pain doctor suggest you do? Do you exercise? How is your weight or BMI?

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