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Thread: What's your Internet speed

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    I am very dubious about the accuracy of this speed test. I have just done two tests back to back on the same computer and have got different results each time. You may well say that is to be expected. Well, the fact BT Internet only supply speeds up to 20 MB makes me even more suspicious that this test doesn't give you any where near an accurate result of the speed of your broadband line

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    Wow there are some crazy ass speeds out there. Looks like I need to step into 2010

    Was about average from running it several times, best I had was 6.09 down, .75 up and worse was 3.5 down and .3 up.

    As for someone mentioning gaming. Any of these speeds on here are fine for gaming, it doesn't take much bandwidth at all. Instead you want the lowest ping/latency between you and the server.

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    Just moved this week and got Verizon FIOS this morning, paying for 15down/5up. Looks pretty spot on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OFL View Post
    I am very dubious about the accuracy of this speed test. I have just done two tests back to back on the same computer and have got different results each time.
    there is a lot to the speed test results. the server that is closer may have more traffic than one that is 50 miles away. Also the routing of your download may change, which would result in different speeds since you are now going through different servers. it is never a constant pipe to a speed test server. my local cable has a dl file that you dl to test the speed from the subscriber to the first link, hop or whatever it is called. That is really only what they are responsible for. If the network is jammed because of a fiber failure or high traffic way downstream, that is not your providers problem.
    i was listening to one of th podcast that was explaining how you can set your router to go to different servers, which can really increase speeds. Also routers can really dog down your speed, some really suck. I think if you have a lot of connections your speed will also slow down. some newer router have QOS settings, where you can dictate which type of connection gets the highest available bandwidth.
    i just had to call mu service in, it has been about half of what i am paying for half the time i test. i was just too lazy to unhook the router to do a direct speed test to optonline local subscriber loop. i want to see if my router itself is defective, since there are quite a few reports of routers that slow down and have to be rebooted every couple of days.
    at least with cable/optonline, the tech repair service is a gem to work with compared to verizon outsourced flow chart reading dopes. My folks have version dsl and verizon will do everything in the world to avoid a dispatch and scare you with a service charge call if the trouble is in your equipment, however you will never see a version tech with a laptop measuring the dl speed at the demarc, or whatever they call it nowadays.
    cauda equina

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    How's mine?

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    23 k oops durn modem

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