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Thread: What's your Internet speed

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    we'll be waiting. Good luck

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    This is high-speed Lite from Shaw in Vancouver. $22 when bundled, $29.95 unbundled.

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    about the same price for the same speed in the states

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    T1 line is about 1.5 Mb per second.
    Quote Originally Posted by PeteShick View Post
    I think it's supposed to be a 1.5meg T1. At least that's what I was sold. It's a dedicated line to my house. I'll check with the company Fairpoint.
    Thanks for the opinions! I know little about it but learning.
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    Yes, that is the right speed for a T1 line. Under most circumstances, you can get higher speeds for cheaper in any urban area. That being said, only with a T1 line will you get any kind of guarantee to service levels. Well, T1 and up. T1 is the only one you would consider to the house.

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    I can't really complain about BT Internet because I have not had any serious problems in the years I've been using it. However it annoys me somewhat that their advertising on television suggests that you can get 20 MB download. I've never been able to get much more than 3 MB and I would like to meet someone who does get 20 MB, do they really exist? Anyway, I can't say I'm too dissatisfied, my Internet is pretty good and does what I want it to do.

    I'll have to do the test when I'm in my main room and see if there's any difference, I've got a long cable running from my route into the bedroom which is why it may be a little slower on this computer

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    Quote Originally Posted by Human View Post
    That is fast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smokey View Post
    Just tried mine again;
    Even faster. Wow. Wise.

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