i went to optonline boost, cable btoadband. it is supposed to be arounf 30msgd dl and 5 up.
whenit dropd under 20 megs for any amount of time i call ina trouble, i am upo to the engineer level now.
i try oet 30/5

i am faster than n any of the fios in this area andia m on cable.

if you go to dslr reports you can keep a record of your test and see how you compare to others in your area, by zip and or by broadband, most people don't test. most people re getting ripped off in my area, they get qabout half of what they pay for
if your on any service the only valid test is before your router, at the cable modem output
dslr reports is the most tech available for broadband, i have been using it for over 15 years.
for cell phones and cell phone carriers, howard forums is the mist informative,
we shouls start a thread on the best forums for tech stuff.