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Thread: FINALLY! I got me a new ZRa

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    FINALLY! I got me a new ZRa

    Yep finally got it. Only took a frakkin year. Now My DME did drop the ball here and there. And so did I I supose. But I got it. I been in it for 2 weeks and absolutley love it. I went from 10 years in Quikie Ti's to a Tilite. Now the Quickie Ti is a damn good chair. No complaint's from me. Just ever since I found this forum I beame more informed. I was leary about the ptions recommended here. But I did do the soft rolls and Jet Stream Pro back. So far I love them both. Except the jet Stream cushion does slde down alot. It really needs more velcro. I got the 559 Spinergy rims with Schwalbe Marathons. Great combo. Unless your in snow or mountain areas. Witch I am. So I upgraded to a set of Michellin City tires. 26x1.85. Nice tire but sqeeky. That will wear off for sure. I know that tire is lacking tread but I still have my Spinergy's with my 26x2.10 Panaracer Firehawk knobies incase I need them. Anywho. I got this chair through United Seating and Mobility in ABQ New Mexico. They did good. Slow but good. They charged INS 5500 bucks and me nothing. I use Triwst and Pres Salud with is out states Medicare. So tell me what ya think.


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    Great looking chair, I like the smooth wider tires. Great idea.

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    I like the paint and matching spokes. Is that the Pearlescent paint White Pearl? Makes me want to order mine with a frame paint too. If you get it painted and order titanium back posts/rigidizer bar can you get those painted too? Course the sapphire anodize package doesn't match any frame finish colors =/

    Anyway, still, beautiful chair, I'm jealous.
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    Sweet chair! That white is nice.

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    Nice ride rep
    c4/5 inc funtioning c6. 28 yrs post.
    sponsored handcycle racer

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    Very nice, i like that white, only need 1.5 wide casters imo.

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    Hey thanks everyone I definatly lovin this chair.

    iLkRehp It is just the Artic White paint job. Think I got the order in right before they removed that option.

    totoL1 I had ordered the 1in casters. Dunno why they didn't make it on the chair. But yeah 1.5's are on my to do list.


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    hi Jimmy D.

    nice chair, congrats.
    what backrest is it?

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