hi sharon- i was also fourteen and had an 8 week hospital stay after my sci injury
from waterskiing. that was decades ago, but i remember so clearly everything about the day i was released to go home...just sitting in the back seat of the car and feeling the strange sensation of the car speeding forward...i'm not sure why that was scary, but it was. arriving home was like visiting a place from long ago--it all seemed familiar yet strange. after that things settled into a new routine, but that first day was a mental readjustment, everything was both the same and different.
one thing you might keep in mind is that in spite of his sci, he will still go through adolescent mood changes. I'm sure that drs., pts and ots are much more aware of this now, but i didn't get much understanding for having normal teen ups & downs, i didn't appreciate my pts and ots critical and (to me) derisive comments
if they thought i was slacking off during my therapy sessions. in a way it worked out though, because i'd get mad at them and figure out a more interesting or better way to rehab myself. for instance, i thought the ot exercises were incredibly boring and repetitious, so i found a musical instrument (harp) to learn to play and get more effective, interesting hand function exercise. my parents were always supportive, even on my bad-mood days, so that meant the world to me. just be aware that he and your family have an extra challenge ahead in dealing with
adolescence along with his rehab and make sure his team understands that, too. you'll all find your way and thank goodness you're still together. good luck and keep writing here, i'd like to follow his progress.