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Thread: Someone just scared the

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    I worry much more about my personal safety now that I'm in a chair. Feeling that vulnerable really sucks. Glad you're OK.
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    Lock your doors...
    And get a camera. I have a camera so I can see who is calling on the door when I am in bed and I am living on the second floor but the children here have been climbing up and inside in my small one's room.
    It is dark around your house and the neighbors can't see what is going on.
    TH 12, 43 years post

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    Glad your okay. I don't even like to answer the door in the day where I live its just so remote. We have a monitored alarm system but no camera set up but a camera sounds like a good idea think I will look into those.
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    I have a door intercom, I kinda wish it had a camera, but at least I can find out who is at the door.... and tell them to go away

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    I always count on my dog to sound the alarm. I was told by law enforcement that a noisy dog is one of the biggest deterrence to intruders by far. I am glad you are ok.

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    well here's a creepy bit of info. My sidewalk is white concrete, my driveway is blacktop. There are two sets of white footprints leading from my walk to the garage door before they fade away. One I am sure is the officers, he went to the same door before I got him to come to the accessible door. So whoever it was came to both doors. When I was going out to go to class I decided to go over that way and look just in case some old drunk friend I didn't know I had left a note or something and saw the footprints. They are definitely both made by large feet. I'm kind of paranoid tonight but Maggie is home. Oh and SJean it wasn't me who was late, she had to leave to early this morning and wouldn't be home when I had to take her so I took her last night. And my friend who knew the dog was not home can't get to that door either.
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    I'd be creeped out too. I even feel a little vulnerable now that Dave is in a chair. We moved after his accident and not as familiar with neighbors and also on end of dead end street with no one across.
    Glad you have your dog back. I don't think it is silly to go to doggy camp for some fun.

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    Mabey someone just had the wrong house and took off after they realized. But it would be freaky. Glad you have your dog.

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    Addiesue I'm sorry that happened last night.
    I'd being scared to death. Good thing the police came & checked things out.
    If they saw that, they'll know you'll call for help!
    Praying a spiritual blessing over your home.
    May God watch over you & protect you at all times.

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    Ooh,super scary! I don't blame you, if these hands worked I'd have a gun too. Vulnerability sucks esp. when you're a disabled woman & alone. Glad you're ok.

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