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Thread: Someone just scared the

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    Someone just scared the

    poo almost out of me.

    I've been up typing a paper and decided it was after midnight so I may as well give up. I got up to brush my teeth and turn off the light, etc. So picture this the worst possible scenario. No pants on, catheter stuck up my hoohoo and my doorbell rings. WThell? My whole house is dark but my bathroom, my dog is not here tonight to bark, my handgun is in my truck. It's ringing a few more times. I can't get to that door because of various dog and kid toys and a big box to go to the Goodwill. It has steps no one ever uses it but the UPS man and I'm too freaked out with no clothes on to look out the window bc it is right beside the ringing doorbell so I go to the other door flip on the outside light but I can't see anything bc that door leads to the garage. I associate with very few people here, I never have visitors. I know the police though so I called 911 go back in my room and get my pants on. The doorbell rings again while I'm doing this. I clear a path to said door but noone is there now.

    Police checked the perimeter, nothing, no broken down car anywhere. I didn't hear a car in the drive, but I never could see out there. I hate feeling like I can't fight if I need to. Damn vulnerability sucks.

    Now I'm freaked out for the rest of the night. I can't figure it out. They were persistant ringing a bunch, it's about 25 degrees out so I can't imagine it would be a fun game to pick on a handicapped girl on a school night, so not kids.
    Maybe I'll get that paper done after all. If I could concentrate.
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    You did the smart thing calling the police. I know it would bug me not to know who was at the door, but the bottom line is that they went away and nothing bad happened.

    I could list things that you already know that you can do in the future. I'll just mention that security cameras are pretty cheap if you buy them mail order and have somebody handy that can mount them.

    Try to get some rest. Things will look better in the morning.

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    lol I do the same thing, if someone rings my doorbell and I'm naked or I don't feel like putting a shirt on I will just scamper away like a little troll and wait till they go away.
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    That does sound scary. I agree with FO, invest in some cheap security cams. You could even have them networked to the extent you can check inside and outside the house from anywhere over the interweb. Being able to see who was ringing the doorbell would have been very good information.

    I also have a gun under my chair as a worst case scenario thing. I never have to think about where the gun is, its always under my butt or an arm's length away. SInce yuo clearly don't have a problem with guns I would suggest keeping one there too.

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    I used to keep it on my chair. Now I work with Big Brother Big sisters and am in and out of schools all day so I had to take it off. I always bring it in the house not sure why I didn't last night.
    I'll always wonder who that was. When I finally got to the door I din't open it, I have peep holes down low. It's kind of funny I can tell who's who by looking through a peep hole at their belly... I live in a fairly safe place, I thought. But last year we were burglarized, now this freakiness. I do live on a very busy road. I suppose I'll check into cameras, will be helpful with my daughter turning 13 in a few weeks too.
    If you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best.

    Sometimes it is easier to widen doors than it is to open minds.

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    Just make sure to train your kids about how dangerous guns can be so they have respect for them. Might be a good idea to keep the clip seperated from the gun until you need it just for safety sake, thats what I always do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mr_coffee View Post
    lol I do the same thing, if someone rings my doorbell and I'm naked or I don't feel like putting a shirt on I will just scamper away like a little troll and wait till they go away. too

    I tell all my people they better call me before they come over otherwise I won't answer the door.
    Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get.

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    You did the right thing by calling 911. I hope they did not treat you like it was nothing.
    Was it possible that someone was just at the wrong house?

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    Could it have been someone looking for the previous occupant of the house?

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    Preparation for the "next" time.

    Dear addiesue,

    Find a friend in close geographical area to yourself that is down the street or at least with in 5 miles of yourself. There are a bunch of older folk on the street where I live and most every one watches out for each other. We had a neighbor who was out walking and she fell down (busted up her face something fierce). It was not with in 3 minutes that a neighbor had noticed her down on the ground and was asking her if she wanted 911 called on a cell phone.

    It is nice to have a firearm and the such, but a neighbor that you can trust in and on is Priceless. That old buddy systems works in many ways.

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