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Thread: Permobil C500 VS Yes or No?

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    Permobil C500 VS Yes or No?

    I need to get a new Wheelchair. My current chair is a Permobil Street with a Recaro Orthoped seat (leather, heat, cooling, adjustable lumbar and lateral supports, etc.). After living with a C-5 SCI for 22 years, I've just about had my fill of the muscle spasms along with the side effects from the spasm medications, bowel and bladder problems, etc. so I'm really leaning towards making my next chair a Permobil Stander.

    I only have two reservations besides missing the outdoor speed, navigation, and comfort of my current chair. The clinician I'm going to be seeing told me he's never really heard anything good about them, in particular he claims people have reported getting pressure sores if the chair is not fitted perfectly and I've read on other forums people claiming that it has a bit too much hardware that hasn't been perfected yet which causes the chairs to constantly need repairs.

    I would really appreciate hearing from folks that have been using one. I'd like to know if long-term users are really getting the medical benefits claimed in the studies and if there are really that many people who have had negative experiences with them.


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    Two major disadvantages:

    1. Much larger turning radius that a regular power (like a Permobile C400 or 500).

    2. Weighs a lot more, and may not fit on many van lifts (paratransit, your own or friend's van lifts).


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    Question Thank you SCI-Nurse

    Thank you SCI-Nurse for that information. I weigh about 185 and I'm planning my next vehicle to be a Toyota Sienna with a ramp so hopefully the chair being heavy will not be a major issue. The chair being much larger than most others is really important to me and I didn't even think about it till you mentioned it. My current chair is rather large and now that you've brought it to mind, a B600 (below) which is a bit more compact than my chair just got some more points.

    I should have mentioned in my original post that my other choice for a new wheelchair and achieving the health benefits of standing would be an Otto Bock B600 which can be ordered with a Recaro seat and a speed package that will give it a top speed of a about 11.5 mph:
    I would add to that a power standing machine that I can use to stand myself up with several times a day:

    That is why I posted the Poll about how much standing is required to achieve the health benefits. I'm wondering how many individuals that are using standing chairs would consider the latter solution (a comfortable fast chair and a stationary stander).

    I really appreciate anyone expressing their perspective. Getting a new wheelchair (pair of legs) every - sometimes not nearly often enough is such an important decision that can really make or break the quality of life to sometimes extreme extents and for several years.

    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    Two major disadvantages:

    1. Much larger turning radius that a regular power (like a Permobile C400 or 500).

    2. Weighs a lot more, and may not fit on many van lifts (paratransit, your own or friend's van lifts).


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    If you like Otto Bock chairs, they also do a standing model, think they do two but when I inquired about them, one of them wasn't available in UK.

    One was called Xeno

    I think this was one I measured that was only around the same size as my Quantum Vibe.

    I cant find the other one again.

    I think Permobil and Balders chairs are ridiculous prices, in UK theres company that does chair called Genie for £6,000 which can stand you up.

    I'm thinking something like that for indoors/shopping centres etc and just getting a chest strap for me to use on mobility scooter for getting over fields with dog just for her walks then my chair is not coming back muddy.

    I'm thinking maybe more cost effective to have indoor/outdoor seperate solution than pay over £20,000 for one chair, when a £6,000 chair will do the same!

    There's also the Invacare Dragon Vertic which looks more compact for indoor but only does 4mph.

    But I dont know anything about reliability, parts, servicing for these chairs.

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    I have had C-500 stander for almost 4 years.The turning radius is not much more,the back casters are set back a few more inches.I have a mini-van ride as as passenger I'm 6ft tall have plenty of head room.I can turn a circle in my van with driver seat still in.Weight is not much diffrent either.Their are much heavier chairs out there.My next chair will be another Permobil stander..And yes I've seen the medical benifits..bladder,bowel,osteo,leg and foot stretch. Great chair!

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