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Thread: Looking to repair a Quickie & a Invacare A4........

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    Your post about bearings was a reminder that my annual hub bearing replacement was overdue . Ahhh, nothing like fresh bearings.

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    Riv-nuts can also be found at aircraft maintenance shops. Airplane prices are as high as medical prices. A good hardware store (not a home improvement center) will be more affordable.

    Bearings are a common hardware item. If you look at the bearing not the parts book, the bearing number will be standard. An industrial bearing shop will probably have them again at a more affordable price.

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    all done.............

    The A4 is done, up and running ready for action. New caster fork bearings from Sportaid, screw driver, rubber mallet and a 3/4 inch spark plug socket & in the new ones went. Easy Peasy

    Now to tackle the Rivnut issue on the old Quickie GPV

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