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Thread: After SCI??

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    Quote Originally Posted by PeanutsLucy View Post
    My son perceives his nerve pain as an itch. He gets in the same area of his lower leg -- sometimes worse than others. He uses a lidocain patch when it gets bad.

    Is the itchy area in the same spot/region?
    Yes my arm, chest, stomach

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    Sounds like nerve pain to me.

    My son uses the lidocain patches when it's really bad. Other times he takes an advil. He's also learned to focus his mind on other things and not the itchy area. The itch for him is near constant. He's able to focus on other things and ignore it as best he can. Exercise or leg stimulation makes it worse. He views it as a good kind of pain. Then reaches for the patch when it's too much.

    Good luck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by addis8 View Post
    Yes my arm, chest, stomach
    So if you get in in your arms and chest, this is where you have normal sensation? (I am T4 complete too).

    I had terrible itching everywhere above my injury when I was on morphine after my laminectomy. It didn't go away until I was taken off the drug. There was no rash, but the itching was dreadful, and it was even on my head.

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    You mentioned that it happens when you work out. Do you sweat? When I work out to the point my body wants to sweat but doesn't I get that itchy feeling too. I remember the same thing happening when I was AB, only it was very quick and then I would sweat instantly. I just chalk it up now to my body wanting to sweat, pores trying to open and act as they did before. It is uncomfortable for sure but if I keep pushing I'll sweat in some areas (forehead and my left shoulder).

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