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Thread: Anything other than Botox for bladder?

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    Anything other than Botox for bladder?

    I have tried Botox twice and both times had muscle weakness in my arms as a result. Being a C6/7 quad and borderline independent in a lot of areas, this really messed me up. Even simple transfers, etc were a nightmare because of my weakness. I thought it was a fluke the first time, so I tried it again, and it was even worse. Both times, my strength returned after a few months when the Botox wore off.

    It was great for my bladder though, as my cathing frequency was cut, I could enjoy a full night sleep, and I never worried about leaking. This part was great and improved my quality of life.

    I'm just wondering if anyone has any insight to other options. My doc says the next step would be a bladder augmentation, and I'm just not sure either of us want to go there. If there was less involved approach, I might be more willing to try it.

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    same boat

    we tried botox twice resulting in AD and not resulting in no leakage and really do not want to go that root again we are beside ourselves..independence seems so far away without surgery....

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    If you have exhausted trials of all the different anticholenergic meds (alone and in combination) or have unbearable side effects, and are either not a candidate for Botox or have had adverse reactions to Botox, then the next step would be surgical. An augmentation is a major surgery, but can really make all the difference in increasing bladder capacity and decreasing bladder pressures.


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    Thank you for the responses!

    What are the major risks with augmentation (frequency and severity)?

    Long-term wise, do you feel augmentation might prevent me from capitalizing on future treatments?

    Have you heard of any future treatment options?

    I currently take 30 mg ditropan. Do you feel I should consider augmentation if my pressres were even close to a concern?

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    Or a Spincterotomy if your a male, fairly simple surgery. if done right and you empty your bladder every few hours by applying pressure with your hand to that area you will not have to cath and more than likely utis will be a thing of the past. This is providing you drink enough water, etc.
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    What combination's,currently taking 30 mg of ditropan xl per day and nothing else. I do not believe we have tried a combination of any kind at any time.

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    Detrol LA
    Levsin (Hyoscyamine)

    Have you also tried combining any of the above with imipramine or other tricyclic antidepressant (TCA)?

    Are you working with a urologist who is an expert in neurologic urology?


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