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Thread: Skirts, Dresses, Leg Bags, Oh My!

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    Skirts, Dresses, Leg Bags, Oh My!

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and a new injury. I didn't see any specific place to introduce myself, so I'm just off and running; I hope that's not considered rude.

    At any rate, being fresh out of rehab I've got tons of questions, but the one that I'm interested in right now is how in the world can I wear a cute skirt or dress and still make use of a leg bag. I wore sweat pants while in rehab, so the issue never came up and I certainly don't want a leg bag hanging out of the bottom of my skirt.

    I use a foley cathetor since I tend to leak if I don't, so I have to have a bag somewhere. HELP!!!!!!

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    Welcome! I'm pretty new to these forums myself.

    I personally have not worn a dress since my accident. Legs don't exactly have that attractive toned look they once did, so I will wear dress slacks when I do dress up since there are plenty of cute tops and stuff out there

    How often are you cathing? The only viable alternatives I can think of when you want to wear a dress or skirt, but not a bag of course, would be limit your fluids so your body doesn't need to eliminate a lot, possibly cath a little more often (like every 2-3 hours instead of 4-6.. I usually go about every 5 hours and I'm ok without leaking). Poise(incontinence) type pads to protect from leaks. Don't know if you are complete, incomplete at your injury level, how much feeling you have etc., but if you go the incontinence pad route to protect from leaks, if you don't have feeling, be sure to check yourself often so you are not developing sores.

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    You can wear a leg bag on your thigh instead of your calf, although it will not drain as well. If you are wanting to wear very short skirts (well above the knee) this may not work, but you can wear a sports bag (designed to be worn with shorts) fairly easily there. Some people hide a regular drainage bag in a cloth bag under their chair and position the tubing so that it is less evident, but many find this unacceptable.


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    theigh bag


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    Thank you for all of the advice. I think that I'll give the sports bag a try, but I'm not exactly sure what one is. Does anyone have a link so that I can see exactly what you're talking about?

    I had given some thought to a pad, but even cathatorizing every 2-3 hours and limiting what I drink I still void pretty heavily; if it goes in it comes out, and my throat is dry long before it stops. In rehab they were really nuts about us keeping everything dry, most especially in regards to fecal matter and urine, so the idea of a pad concerns me, and constantly changing one would drive me nuts.

    Like yourself I don't have the legs anymore for skirts or dresses, not really, but I really do like them and want to keep wearing them.

    Thanks again for all of the advice.

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    Just google, you will find plenty. Here is one.
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    For what it's worth-- I use a bard 19 oz leg bag that sets high on the thigh. Right at the crease of leg to abdomen. Just underneath the pants waistband. The urine does have to travel uphill, but seems to do so with no problem. Easy to empty too.

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    i wear skirts, dresses, shorts lot. i made myself pouches that I can hang under my chair or strap it around my waist out of soaker pads... I had made one to match all my outfits... if you look at my wedding pictures in my profile, I've got a red one and green to match my dresses.
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    all i've worn for yrs and yrs are skirts/dresses with boots. i use a urocare short & wide legbag strapped to my outer thigh. it actually makes things a lot easier and there's no drainage issues. i don't like the sportsbag as it's too small.

    mine is number 8026. with fabric straps.

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    I don't wear a leg bag. I just wanted to say Hi and welcome. I'm not far from your location!
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