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Thread: Voltaren Gel for shoulder pain

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    Voltaren Gel for shoulder pain

    Just wondering if anyone else has ever tried Voltaren Gel for shoulder pains? Not a cure all, but over muscular creams, etc., I find it a smidge helpful. Just wondering if anyone else had experiences with this new drug, uses it, etc.

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    evan has used it and it did not work for his shoulder pain.

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    My dr. gave it to me for shoulder/ neck pain. It worked better than nothing. I know someone who thinksi ts the best thing ever. I think it matters what type of pain you are having.

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    Im t6 complete and used to work long shifts (12+) in all call center. I used to regularly use the large Icy Hot patches, they didnt help much, but enough to get through the day.

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    I've been using Sombra Warm therapy gel. Works okay

    The best thing I've been using so far is a SCENAR. It was developed by the Russian Space Agency for their Astronauts while in space. It measures the skin and picks up congestions and beeps. It then goes thru a series of soundwaves until it clears.
    I'm amazed at the relief it gives.

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    It didn't work at all for me...

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