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Thread: Pretty much sums up the situation so far.

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    Pretty much sums up the situation so far.

    The 3 stages of my accident.

    [YouTube Video]
    Awe at my magnificent coq!

    "You may say I'm a dreamer
    but I'm not" - J. Lennon

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    love it,thanks for posting :-)

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    That is so cute! At first I was kind of sad though. When they tore down the old house next door we were visited by several "Mickies", and I had to resort traps. We used the sticky ones that let us release them. But I have always wondered if Mike didnt bonk them on the head and do a dumpster burial.

    And by the way-your coq is magnificent!

    The Mickie reference comes from my little two year old brother. We were at a wedding at the "swanky" Country Club, and he came to me and said " come see Mickey Mouse" I thought someone had a stuffed toy or something, but no, he took me to a corner in this lovely room, where a little mouse was dining on a Ritz cracker. It was so cute I took a picture of it. I dont know if the brides dad had to pay extra to feed the animals.

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