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    When do companies charge your account when purchasing over the phone? Normally right away, right? Well, I've allready received one item, and the other is on its way to my home via Fed Ex tracking and the order confirmed by the company purchased from. Still no charge on bank account.

    Merry Christmas??


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    Liz: I also have made some purchases and it seems to be taking a little longer than usual for them to show up. I will continue to wait and I expect to see the charge around the second week of December. You have to be very careful today, especially with the increase in identity theft. When something doesn't show up on time it makes me wonder also.


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    When I use my bank card as a credit car, it usually takes a day or two to show up on my online statement. If I use it as a debit card though it shows up instantly.

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    Employees where I work periodically run into this issue with their expense accounts, so it's more common that you would think. Actually, companies have 1 year to run a credit card charge through, although I can't begin to imagine why they would wait that long on purpose.

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    I would call the bank and see if there is a hold on your account for the amount of the purchase. These holds do not show in traditional account inquires and thus a bank rep needs to look into your account. I have had ciompanies do that on high end stuff, they would not draft the money until I recieved both packages and was happy with my purchase.

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    Thx I'll let you all know what comes of this.


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    ok, now the bank account is dry. Merry Christmas.

    Let's meet under the mistletoe

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    LOL ,the bank account is dry!!!

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    Last Saturday I was able to get all my issues resolved with a five minute phone call. This week there is another browser vulnerability for Internet Explorer.

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