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Thread: You need to see this!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Le Type Fran├žais View Post
    Oh, come on, laugh a little! It is goofy, even if you're a Christian. I'd imagine Jesus was laughing His ass off in Heaven. God has a sense of humor, too.
    If it were isolated that's one thing, but when we christians have guys like Benny Hinn, Ted Haggard, Kenneth Copland, Jimmy Swaggart, Paul Crouch and preacher's with goofy hair we're up against many nuts.

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    I'm sorry, I couldn't watch this without thinking it was a skit on SNL.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mona~on~wheels View Post
    Why would God laugh? You think he laughs at his children dancing in the spirit?
    If they look like that doing it, then yes.

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