I hope this is the right forum to post in.

I'm assuming many others here have hardware (screws, plates, etc) helping hold them together? I had the opportunity to travel recently which included going to some of theme parks. A lot of the rides (not Disneyland, but others) do have the "neck and back" problems warnings. I talked to my doctor prior to my trip. Basically the attitude of the theme parks is if you can transfer, you can ride. Though transferring can be a pain, I noticed in general, the employees were usually putting a hand out or doing what they could to help. I loved going to theme parks when AB, and even now I still enjoy them, just trying to get up and down. (T7/8 incomplete).

Wondering if the warning signs at the parks are a bunch of legal crap they feel they need to post? Basically, I'm several years fused and post injury and nothing is going to move anywhere ... like what's gonna happen, me break and not being able to walk still? I noticed the newer rides now days on the steel tracks are very smooth and non-jarring unlike the wooden predacessers. Any others here enjoy riding and going to theme parks?